Dress code only applies to Friday and Saturday nights.Friday Dress Code
  • NO Sports Apparel
  • NO Sports Hats
  • NO Fitted Hats
  • NO Plain T-Shirts
  • NO Extremely Over-sized apparel
  • NO Hoodies
  • NO Sweat pants or Sweat Suits
  • NO Work Boots
  • NO Excessive Jewelry
* Hats OK if they fashionable Non-Sports Hats

Saturday Dress Code
  • NO extremely oversized apparel
  • NO Hoodies
  • NO Plain T-shirts
  • NO Do rags
  • NO Skull caps
  • NO Sweatpants or sweat suits
  • NO Sports gear or jerseys
  • NO Tank tops
We have the right to refuse anyone entry.  Decisions will be made at the door.